Our program is funded through Health and Human Services, Healthy Foods Financing Initiative, it is to create a community gardens on Reservation in Montana, Fort Belknap, Fort Peck, Northern Cheyenne, Crow and Little Shell out of Great Falls

NADC History

Native American Development Corporation is a certified Native Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) established in 1996 by the Montana Indian Manufacturers Network Board of Directors, tribal enterprises business managers in Montana and Wyoming. In 1997, NADC established a revolving loan fund for small Native-owned businesses in partnership with the Economic
Development Administration. Since that time, NADC has loaned over $2M
to Native Owned Businesses.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Native American Development Corporation is to be a high quality sustainable business consulting and financial entrepreneurship center for the Native American Community.
• Assist in the creation and operation of Native Community Development Corporations, empowering Native communities towards economic and social stability.
• Create and administer a revolving loan fund to finance business creation or expansion, building the economic infrastructure in Native
• Provide technical assistance and training to new or expanding Native-owned businesses
• Act as a liaison for state, regional, national, and international economic development organizations and agencies
• Provide educational information for tribal governments in economic,
business and community development and technology.

HHS-Healthy Foods Financing Initiative Contact Information

Mitzi Racine, Doctorate Candidate/Program Director, (mracine@nadc-nabn.org)

Direct Telephone Number: (406) 259-3804
Direct Fax Number: (406) 259-4569


Mailing and Street Address:

HHS-Healthy Foods Financing Initiative
17 N. 26th Street
Billings, MT 59101

NADC Website:   http://www.nadc-nabn.org/

Helpful Brochure

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Goals for the Program

Goal 1:

The Project will develop a set of policies and codes that can be reviewed , analyzed, and potentially adopted to create a policy framework capable of supporting strong, sustainable, and resilient food systems in Indian Country.
Objective 1: To work in each site and develop the policies and codes with the assistance of the local extension office and is reviewed, analyzed and adopted be each Tribal Council to create policies that support the Economic Development Healthy Foods Financing Initiative.

Goal 2:

The project will increase the educational capacity of each through the local colleges and extension office in regards to Ag-related systems and products.
Objective 2: To assist each site in developing educational tools to assist with the success of the market, distribution, and business plan for each site. The project will also assist with financial education as well as business best practices.
NADC will work with other partners such as Wells Fargo to assist with other financial education mechanisms.

Goal 3:

Increase small business ownership among Native Americans by increasing access to capital. By providing access and financial education by the CDFI within NADC. Objective 3: To fund new and expanding Native businesses.
Utilize the Revolving Loan Fund as a mechanism of potential financing for small business to help with startup costs.

Goal 4:

Increase private sector jobs and salaries for Native Americans. The FY16 HHS-Community Economic Development Health Foods Financing Initiative Projects (HHS-CEDHFFIP) request will find 40 full time jobs, 100% will be filed by low-income Native Americans. Objective 4: Create jobs for low income individuals. The HHS funds will be disbursed in the first two years and the cost per each position created or sustained for 40 jobs will a HHS federal cost of approximately $25,000 per job.