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Important Reminders

Apply now by downloading the online application. If you need further assistance or have any questions, please contact Darrell Lamere 406-294-8060. His expertise will assist in providing thorough instructions and technical assistance in completing a loan application.  Thoroughly review the check list of documentation required to accompany the loan application.  We also strongly encourage all our applicants to complete a sound business plan with detailed and substantiated projections.


We are a certified Native Community Development Financial Institution that offers affordable capital and flexible financing options to businesses of all sizes which are owned by, serving, and creating jobs for Native American people on and off the reservation.  NADC offers small business loans and an equity-like loan product ranging from $1,000 – $250,000.  The purpose of our work is to create jobs for Native American people and to help create and sustain Native-owned businesses in order to develop and strengthen Native American communities and economies.


Native Community Development Financial Institutions (NCDFI), were developed under the US Treasury’s CDFI Native Initiatives. The Native Initiatives are designed to overcome identified barriers to financial services in Native Communities.  The initiatives seek to increase access to credit, capital and financial services in Native communities through the creation and expansion of CDFI’s primarily serving Native communities.  NADC is a certified NCDFI, an entity that primarily serves a Native community (at least 50 percent of its activities are directed toward serving Native Americans, Alaska Natives and/or Native Hawaiians). As a NCFDI, NADC is dedicated to providing developmental services such as training and technical assistance in various types of financial services (financial literacy, checking, savings, consumer loans, business loans, housing loans, etc.) to members of Native communities.

The Native American CDFI Assistance (NACA) Program provides the vehicle through which established and emerging Native CDFIs can apply for financial and technical assistance, providing capacity building and technical assistance services for a variety of Native financial training initiatives.  The NACA program grew out of a Congressional mandate in 1994 to study lending and investment practices on Indian reservations and other lands held in trust by the United States and the subsequent 2001 Native American Lending Study.  The NACA program has helped to increase the number of Native CDFIs from just 14 nationwide in 2001, to 50 in 2008, with another 60 emerging CDFIs pending certification.

CDFI’s can be designed to be more flexible in meeting the needs of their clients in terms and collateral requirements.  Native CDFIs then graduate their clients into regulated traditional financial institutions like banks.

Native American Development Loan Program

About Our Lending Services

The Native American Development Corporation was established in 1996 to create and administer loan funds to finance American Indian entrepreneurs, build economic infrastructure on reservations and provide technical and resource assistance to American Indian owned businesses.  NADC became a Certified Native CDFI in 2001. NADC provides training, technical assistance and small business loans. We are also a lender under The Indian Loan Guaranty, Insurance and Interest Subsidy Program (formerly known as a Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA Guarantee Loan Program).

NADC offers a variety of loan products including micro and macro (larger) small business loans.  This is a loan program and not a grant program.  Each loan application is reviewed by a loan committee and each application outlines a business plan, financial statements and projections as well as available collateral. The success of the NADC Revolving Loan Fund Program is reliant on loan repayment for the purpose of relending to more Native businesses.  NADC will provide technical assistance as needed in your business endeavors, because your success is our success.  Eligibility requires business owners or partners be enrolled members of a federal or state recognized tribe and be 51% owner of the business.

Application Checklist

All Businesses:
1. __ Loan Application (Signed & Dated)
2. __ Personal Financial Statement (Signed & Dated)
3. __ Information Release Form (Signed & Dated)
4. __ Written Business Plan
5. __ Historical Financial Information (3 yrs/life of business)
6. __ Personal Federal Tax Return (3 years)
7. __ Business Federal Tax Return (3 years)
8. __ Monthly projected cash flow (2 years)
9. __ Current Business Balance Sheet
10. __ Projected Business Balance Sheet (after 1 yr. of operation)
11.__ Resumes of Key Personnel
12.__ Aging of Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
13.__ Credit Report (with money orders)
14.__ Tribal Affiliation, Enrollment Number & Certificate of Indian Blood
If Applicable:
a).__ Appraisal or Valuation of Land and / or Building
b).__ Lease Agreements
c).__ Buy / Sell Agreements
d).__ Written Cost Estimates for Construction
e).__ Commitment Letter from Bank / Other Lender
f).__ Personal Financial Statement for Personal Guarantee (3 year tax returns)
g).__ Information Release Form for Personal Guarantee
h).__ Corporation Papers
I).__ Relevant Business Licenses
J).__ Bonding(over 500,000).

Loan Application Process

  1. NADC reviews application for completeness within 15 days of receipt.
  2. If incomplete, corrections must be submitted within 30 working days.
  3. The Loan Committee will review the loan application and approve, table or deny the request.
  4. Incomplete loan application will not be reviewed by the Loan Committee.

If loan is approved, the Loan Fund Manager will set a closing date with the applicant.

How To Apply For A Loan

Application fee:  $25.00
All applicants required to send application fee prior to review process, (non-refundable).
Mail completed application to:
Native American Development Corporation – Revolving Loan Fund
17 N 26th St.
Billings, MT 59101

Loan Fund Application

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